Surfers, Swimmers, Beach-Lovers Want Answers: When Will We Get Back in the Water, and on the Sand?

North County resident and ocean-lover lobbies for a smart but timely reopening of beaches, bays, and coastal trails

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Jeran Fraser decided to do more than just complain about the closure of the local beaches and ocean waters he loves so much. So, the Carlsbad resident consulted with scientists and local biotech companies, to learn more about how the coronavirus spreads, and how social distancing can help reduce that spread.

Fraser, who’s an avid surfer, fisherman, and founder of a sports-tech start-up, then shared what he learned with county supervisors and coastal mayors. 

That information included a letter from a local biotech CEO who argued that “a managed opening up of beaches, trails, and water so residents can safely move about, will greatly relieve crowding and enable more effective social distancing conditions.”

Fraser, who’s also a partner with Famous Surf Accessories, agrees with that approach. 

“I think our goal is to kind of put a little pressure on (local government,) and provide them with the correct science,” he told NBC 7. “So we’ve been in contact directly with the county Board of Supervisors and the Department of Public Health.”

Like many of his friends and colleagues, Fraser is happy that the local government has a plan to reopen beaches. That two-step approach starts with reopening our beaches and bays for running, walking, surfing, and swimming. 

But Fraser, like so many other county residents, desperately wants to hear an actual opening date. He also thinks our elected officials and public health experts should do a better job of keeping San Diegans informed of the re-opening process.

Fraser has one other priority: “I do believe we have to create some sort of mandate in which beaches are all opened together, so we don’t all flock to one place,” and defeat the important goal of continued social distancing, Fraser said.

He’s hoping for a uniform May 1 reopening along the coast but understands that there are a lot of factors at play.

To learn more about Fraser’s effort, click here.

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