Surfers Rescue Man Trapped by High Tide

Two surfers who overheard calls for help near Sunset Cliffs helped rescue a man trapped by the high tide.

The man was walking along the beach just below Point Loma Nazarene University around 8 p.m. Wednesday lifeguards said.

Surfers Eric Muelheim and Brian Archambault were paddling out when they heard some kids on the cliffs saying the man was in trouble.

When they reached the beach, the man said he could barely stand and appeared to be out of breath Archambault said.

”He said he was winded, tired and he was soaking wet,” the surfer said.

The surfers got the man on the board and paddled him to Garbage Beach at the end of Sunset Cliffs Boulevard.

Once they got the man to the shore, the helicopter was there according to the surfers. Lifeguards said the unidentified man refused medical treatment.

“He kept saying that we were saving his life,” Archambault said. “I think we were there for a reason. Who knows what would have happened if those kids hadn’t heard him calling for help.”

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