Surfer Rescued From Sunset Cliffs After Hitting Head on Rocks

A friend was holding the victim up on the rocks, out of the water, as emergency crews arrived

A 49-year-old surfer who slipped and hit his head on the rocky edges of Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach Saturday was hoisted from the cliffs and hospitalized, officials confirmed.

According to San Diego Fire-Rescue Lt. Kropsky, the surfer took a tumble as he got out of the water just after 9 a.m. along Sunset Cliffs and Osprey Avenue.

The impact from his fall knocked him unconscious and he was stranded at the bottom of the rocks.

When emergency crews arrived, they found the victim was being held up on the rocks, just out of the water, by a friend. The surfer did not have a pulse, Kropsky said.

Officials performed CPR on the victim and were eventually able to get a pulse. Crews in an air ambulance hoisted the victim from the cliffs and rushed him to a nearby hospital.

As of 10:30 a.m., the extent of his injuries and condition was unknown. No further details were immediately released.

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