Stung Fallbrook Puppies Improving

Two puppies survived being tied to a tree with an active bee hive

Two puppies rescued by firefighters after being tied to a tree with an active bee hive are on the mend, according to county animal care specialists.

The puppies were among five others found by firefighters as they were responding to a suspicious fire on De Luz Rd. in Fallbrook the afternoon of May 31.

The puppies were tied to a tree about 25 feet from the fire, according to Dan DeSousa of the San Diego County Animal Services.

When firefighters responded, three of the puppies were already dead, including a five-month-old rottweiler and two five-month-old Jack Russell terriers. The terriers are believed to have died of strangulation, which most likely happened when they were trying to free themselves from the swarm of bees in the tree they were tied to.

Firefighters were able to save two of the puppies tied to the tree -- a Jack Russell mix and a Chihuahua, now named Buzz and Woody.

They were rushed to a veterinary hospital with multiple bee stings and related injuries. One of the puppies underwent a blood transfusion last week. Both puppies' eyes were severely injured by the bee stings, DeSousa said in a statement.

Woody received eye drops and ophthalmic ointment for his eyes, which were briefly paralyzed. Buzz was treated for a large abscess, according to the county Department of Animal Service's Facebook.

By Tuesday, the puppies were said to be in the best shape yet -- bright and alert with a twinkle in their eyes. The puppies have been receiving baths to aid the healing of their bee sting wounds.

The puppies should be moved onto a Carlsbad shelter by Thursday, but due to their injuries, the puppies may not be up for adoption any time soon. 

Meanwhile, funds from the Department of Animal Service's Spirit Fund are assisting in covering the puppies' medical care.

The fund was instrumental in the recovery of an east county dog found shot on the side of the road in February. The dog was nursed back to health and adopted by a new family in March. 

Authorities are looking for any witnesses to the fire, or anyone who may know who tied the puppies to the tree and abandoned them.

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