Study: More People Likely Had Coronavirus but Never Got Sick

Doctors: You can still spread it even if you're not sick

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It's very likely far more people contracted the coronavirus than current statistics state, according to the Centers for Disease Control and a new Stanford study.

Stanford’s study suggested the numbers of infected in Santa Clara County, California, are likely 50 times more than reported.

“We all know there’s more virus out there than what we’re testing, because we’re not able to test everybody,” said Dr. James Schultz, the chief medical officer at Neighborhood Healthcare, in Escondido.

Schultz, who is also the president of the San Diego County Medical Society, said some people who have COVID-19 won’t get sick.

Dr. David Bazzo, a past president of the SDCMS, told NBC 7 on March 10 that it is possible to carry the virus, never show symptoms and pass it to someone else.

“Since we’re not testing everybody -- we don’t have universal testing -- I think it’s pretty safe to assume there’s more coronavirus infection out there than we know about,” Schultz said on Monday.

Schultz said that's why people are being asked to wear masks.

“The mask is not for me,” Schultz said. “It’s to keep me from giving [coronavirus] to you... I think the best thing we can do right now is listen to our public health officials. Stay at home for now.”

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