Students Walk Out of UCSD Teach-in

Students reject the forum of a teach-in and demand the university take action

After more than a week of racial tension at University of California San Diego, students walked out of the teach-in held by college administrators chanting “Whose university? Our university!”

Wednesday’s meeting, scheduled by Chancellor Marye Ann Fox to discuss “the importance of civility on our campus”, was disrupted about an hour in when hundreds of students opted instead to reject the forum and walk out.

Wearing T-shirts “Real Pain Real Action 1.3%” two representatives of the Black Students Union addressed the packed room of students and faculty suggesting that a teach-in would not “restore the community.”

The UCSD administration is at fault for the fear, discomfort alienation and anger being experienced by students on this campus and the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors must hold themselves accountable, the Black Student Union representative said.

"As we continue to meet with the UC San Diego Black Student Union and leaders with San Diego's African-American community, we are committed to working together to keep our students safe and to discuss and address the issues on our campus so that we can heal and rebuild,'" Fox said in a release Tuesday.

From the notorious Compton Cookout, to Koala's provocative backlash and a scheduled Compton Cookout, Part 2, UCSD seems anything but a welcoming melting pot to many students.

It started with an off-campus, ghetto-themed party over the Feb. 13-14 weekend hosted by members of more than one fraternity among other students, to mock Black History Month.

The event was defended on a student-television show by members of Koala, where one student used the 'N-word' to describe critics of the Cookout.

The Koala is one of 33 student-run media groups whose funding has been suspended by the Associated Students' leadership since the controversial telecast.

On Tuesday, medical and graduate students marched to the steps leading up the chancellor's office.

Leaders of the fraternities involved in the Compton Cookout have issued apologies.

The UCSD Chancellor has condemned the Cookout event and the "blatant disregard of our campus values" while pointing out that the event had no official university ties.

Faculty and staff have also launched a campus wide campaign, complete with buttons and posters, titled "Racism: Not in Our Community."

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