San Diego Unified School District

Students Protest SDUSD's Alleged Mishandling of On-Campus Sex Assault

Students held a protest Monday and accused the school district of mishandling sex assault reports


A number of students in the San Diego Unified School District are protesting what they say is a lack of action from the district when it comes to sexual assaults.

Dozens of students gathered at Liberty Station Monday to share their stories. They say multiple students have come forward to report cases of sexual assault by fellow students, and they claim that instead of taking the complaints seriously, the district has continually swept them under the rug.

"How it ruined my mental capacity…," one student said. "Probably never be able to love someone ever again because of how he hurt me.

The students say they want the district to do more to protect sexual assault survivors,
and make them feel safe at school.

The SDUSD sent a statement Monday evening in response to the protest.

"Current school policy is clear regarding sexual misconduct on campus. Crimes are treated seriously. All victims are treated with respect. Perpetrators are held accountable."

All schools recently updated their sexual misconduct policies with the assistance of leaders across San Diego.

Following those changes, schools launched a campaign featuring student-created posters to ensure students understand how and where to report any misconduct allegations.

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