Students Missing School in More Ways Than One

How long will schools be closed? Students react to Governor Newsom's announcement that closures would likely last until fall

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Parents who were wondering what to do with their children for three weeks while schools were closed, now may have to wonder what to do with their children for the next few months.

Parents and students had a hard time wrapping their heads around an announcement from California’s Governor Gavin Newsom that schools would likely close until fall.

"I’m kind of upset,” said Emily Simmerman, a sophomore at Grossmont High School. “I like going to school so I can see my friends.”

Simmerman said she has good grades, but says she is worried for those who will not have enough time to bring up their grades, or whether students will have enough credits to graduate.

“That really stressed me out,” Carlsbad High School sophomore Maeve Estrada said reacting to the Governor’s announcement. “If we’re missing out on all this, how far are we going to be behind when we go back to school?”

Estrada takes honors and advanced placement classes, and she worries about if the AP tests that count for college credit will take place.

“I don’t know how it’s going to be possible to take the test,” said Estrada. “So does that leave a question of are we going to get credit for all the work we did, or -- we just don’t know.”

Joseph Cerda, a senior at the School for Entrepreneurship and Technology in Kearny Mesa, is worried about college applications. He has taken the SAT, but worries about those who haven’t yet.

“It’s hard. A lot of colleges have due dates for applications," Cerda said. “For kids who can’t finish SAT's or ACT's, it’s hard for those people who never expected this to happen.”

Meantime, the Governor suspended state standardized testing this year. The tests measure progress students make from one year to the next.

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