Student Killed After SDSU Party Mourned

Fight Broke Out Near College


A family is in mourning after a man was slain over the weekend after leaving a party near the San Diego State University campus.

Luis Santos, 22, was killed early on Saturday morning. Police said that he and  a group of friends were walking down 55th Street near Peterson Gym Drive when they got into a fight with four men.

On Sunday, Santos' father was in Northern California, calling relatives to give them the bad news.

"Everybody's crying," Frederico Santos said. "We have to take a break from the emotional exhaustion and make another call and cry again. It was a roller-coaster ride of emotion yesterday and all day today."

Police said Santos and three of his friends were stabbed in the incident. Santos died at the scene. His friends were taken to nearby hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries.

Santos' father has a message for the man who killed his son.

"If this was an accident, to just turn himself into police, because last I heard from the police department, they are getting some leads, so I think it's better if they turn themselves in than for the police to come and get them," Santos said.

Santos said his son was a student at Mesa College, where he was taking business courses.

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