Student Injured in Deadly High School Wreck Released From Hospital

Cory Willweber suffered broken bones in the crash that killed his brother Ryan

One of two brothers involved in a deadly crash outside of West Hills High School last week has been released from the hospital.

With his jaw wired shut, Cory Willweber was allowed to go home Monday after suffering broken bones to his shoulder and face. His 17-year-old brother Ryan died when their car was T-boned on Thursday as they drove onto Mast Boulevard.

The boys’ father, Paul, told NBC 7 Sunday that Cory’s jaw will stay wired for six weeks, making it harder to grieve for his brother amid the physical pain.

“I think he’s doing well with it,” Paul said of Cory, who is expected to make a full recovery. He will not be going back to school immediately, the father said.

Paul, a pastor at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, said he is tremendously sad about this eldest son’s death, but he knows Ryan is in heaven and will see him again. On Monday, he told NBC 7 that the family’s faith is getting them through this tragedy.

News of Ryan’s death spread quickly through West Hills High and devastated many students, especially those on his track team. “He was the best of us,” junior Liam Breslian said.

At a vigil on campus, students gathered to remember Ryan as a kind, caring friend.

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