Student Forced To Urinate in Bucket: Attorney

San Diego Unified School District put a teacher on administrative leave

A San Diego student said she was forced to urinate into a bucket in the back of her classroom. The San Diego Unified School District said the teacher is on administrative leave.

We learned that a claim against the district was filed today. The incident took place right at Patrick Henry High School.

According to the family's attorney, Brian Watkins, they're investigating an incident where a 14 year old student was not allowed to use the restroom, and was required to urinate in a bucket in the back of the classroom, with other students present.

Watkins said that two weeks ago, the student made it apparent to her teacher, that she had an urgent need to use the restroom. The family's attorney said it was made clear to the student that if she was going to use the restroom, it would be in a bucket, located in a storage room connected to the back of the class, or not at all.

Watkins said they're in the process of investigating why this happened. They're also looking to put measures in to effect so that something like this doesn't happen again. Watkins says they're not yet aware of this type of thing happening with this teacher before.

"In my wildest imagination I can't understand why something like this would happen," Watkins said. "So we hope to work with the School Board and the Administration to get to the bottom of this."

The School District told us they're taking the issue very seriously, and that they're addressing the issue appropriately.

The District said the teacher was put on administrative leave beginning Feb. 28, soon after the incident was initially brought to their attention.

The District told us it's investigating, and some sort of future action will be taken. However, they didn't say what specifically.

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