Student-Athletes Hoping Government's Free COVID Tests Are A Game Changer

Members of the San Diego High School track team say more tests in hand could be a win-win for families on and off the field

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San Diego High School sophomore Adriana Torres is hoping her lightning speed will earn her a Division I college scholarship, but last year the pandemic cut the track season short, limiting her exposure.

That’s why Torres and some of her teammates say they’ve been anxiously awaiting the federal government’s free, at-home COVID-19 test program to go live online.

Free at-home rapid COVID test kits were slated to be available for order through a government website starting Wednesday, reports NBC 7's Madison Weil.

“For athletes, because, all of us want to achieve our goals -- our dreams. And I feel the home kit is important to keep us safe," Torres said.

Teammate Taejah Hargrove echoed that sentiment.

“I feel like since there are more things coming out to get us COVID safe, it'll be easier for us to participate in sports and have longer seasons," Hargrove said.

The San Diego Unified School District is requiring everyone involved in sports to be tested — vaccinated or not.

And though the track team and other out-of-season sports teams are being tested once a week, for now, Torres and Hargrove say with families getting access to tests from the federal government, it's a win-win for everyone on and off the field.

“I think it might lessen the amount of COVID cases and I think it might give us a better chance of being more COVID safe in general. Not just track, but the entire community."

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