Racers May Be Culprits in Motorcycle Hit-and-Run: CHP

A serious hit-and-run collision involving a motorcyclist may have been caused by vehicles racing on a San Diego-area highway.

California Highway Patrol officers responded to the Main Street exit near the junction of Interstate 5 and State Route 15 around 10 p.m. Wednesday.

Several witnesses told officers the motorcyclist was clipped by a car and then thrown from the bike.

Debris from the crash littered the highway and closed the southbound lanes to traffic for about an hour.

Emergency personnel treated the motorcyclist at the scene. Firefighters and EMTs stabilized his neck and one emergency worker even held the man’s hand to comfort him while preparing to transport him to a nearby hospital.

CHP officials said the other driver may have been racing down I-5 with two other vehicles at the time of the collision.

Witnesses described the other vehicles involved were a red 4-door Honda Civic and a gold/silver Volkswagen GTI according to the CHP.

Those individuals fled the scene leaving the man and his motorcycle torn into pieces.

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