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Stray Bullet Ruins La Mesa Woman's Quiet Evening

The peace and serenity of Patches Lynn’s evening on her La Mesa townhouse patio Tuesday night was shattered by the sound of gunshots.

“I hear bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Four of them really loud. Never heard anything so loud,” Lynn told NBC 7.

A hard working woman, Lynn had little reason to think she was in any danger until her roommate and a friend heard what sounded like a fall just after 8 p.m.

But nothing had fallen. It was the sound of a bullet piercing through her stairwell wall. The bullet, which Lynn says was about the size of her fingertip, was resting on the landing of the stairs. Fortunately another wall stopped the bullet from flying into the living room where her roommate and friend were sitting.

“When I look at that hole in the wall, I kind of go, ‘Whoa!” she said.

Whoa! Because the bullet didn't just tear through her wall, it also pierced the now boarded-up window of her neighbor's unit before ripping through her home.

“I didn’t know bullets could go through all these walls,” she said.

With everyone in Lynn's home shaken but OK, her concern immediately turned to her neighbors and their child.

“I heard they'd just gone upstairs. Just turned out the light and had gone upstairs and luckily their 6-year-old was at their grandmother's house,” she said.

Investigators say the gunshots came from the parking lot area right outside their townhome on the 4700 block of 70th Street.

Concerned neighbors passed by, pointing out the area where one of the bullet holes was patched up.

Thankful to be alive and that no one was hurt, Lynn was able to make light of the situation with her visiting friend.

“She left this morning and I go, ‘Well, we sent you off with a bang.’ I say that only because no one was hurt,” she joked.

Police say the suspect or suspects are still on the run. They’ve not released a motive for the shooting.

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