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Strangers Reach Out to Help Local Couple Who Had Belongings Stolen

A couple is getting a helping hand from strangers after their trailer was stolen outside of their apartment complex right after they moved to San Diego County.

On Sunday morning, Maria and Nathaniel Castro's locked trailer filled with furniture and woodwork was stolen while parked in unincorporated El Cajon.

"We were too tired to unload and we were just thinking, you know it's a safe place," Maria Castro told NBC 7.

The couple says most of everything they owned was inside the trailer, including their passports and social security cards. 

Jeffrey Richmond heard the Castro's story on NBC 7 and said he felt like he had to do something to help. His company, Kushy Punch makes it a point to give back to charities during the holidays.

This time, they donated $1,000 to the Castro's.

"I can put myself in their shoes and imagine the anxiety that they're going through and it's unreal. I just feel so bad," Richmond said.

Richmond met the couple for the first time on Tuesday and they were moved to tears by his generosity.

"It's really amazing. I've been trying to keep it together but I'm just really happy that you did this," Castro said.

The couple told NBC 7, this will really help them get back on their feet. They said they are planning to use it to buy furniture for their apartment.

In La Mesa, a man saw the story and reached out to NBC 7 to offer help to the Castro's on Tuesday.

"You've got your whole life in your van, in the back of your U-Haul, wherever, so for someone to just take off with that, that's pretty low," said Tommy Tomeny.

Tomeny is offering furniture and other household items to the Castro's.

San Diego County Sheriff's Department is investigating the theft. There are no leads on the trailer nor the stolen belongings.

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