Storm Leaves Mud, Debris, Potholes Across San Diego County

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Friday’s heavy rainstorm left behind a mess of debris and potholes across San Diego County.

During the storm, the county dealt with landslides and flooding. Residents are also worried about broken storm drain pipes and potholes.

On Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, several residents reported issues of multiple potholes on the city’s “Get It Done” app.

The city of San Diego said road repair crews are essential workers and are out fixing these reported problems.

In the North County, a storm drain pipe is to blame for a huge mess on several residents' properties.

“This could all collapse soon,” said Vista resident Keith Ferdman.

Ferdman said the heavy rain from Friday caused water, mud and debris to spill out of a storm drain that runs under his and his backdoor neighbor’s property. 

The drain connects to the street up above Ferdman’s and to the gutter in front of his home. The damage has him worried for a potential landslide.

“That’s our concern right now that the hill’s compromised and we don’t know how bad it is and how deep it is or how far down it gets into the pipe here somewhere,” Ferdman said.

The city of Vista said they were aware of Ferdman’s and his neighbor's concerns. They said the pipe is on private property so it is up to the homeowners to repair the damage.

“But, the fact of the matter is their stormwater from all the streets above us run into that drain,” Ferdman said.

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