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Weekend Storm Leaves Behind Damage, Flooding

As San Diego prepares for another round of rain, many people spent Sunday morning assessing the damage from Saturday’s storm.

A day after a huge Eucalyptus tree smashed a row of cars in Balboa Park, curious people continued to look on in awe, amazed at the damage Mother Nature caused.

“I thought, holy moly! It’s windier than I thought,” said Kristen Hamdors, a San Diego resident who frequents the park.

She, along with other onlookers, surveyed the damage and the debris left behind.

NBC 7's Brittany Ford has a look at some of the damages around the county.

On Sunday morning, the tree had not been cleared away yet. Two of the five damaged cars were still in the parking lot. Broken glass littered the lot, and a broken light pole had fallen next to the uprooted tree.

“There’s a lot of Eucalyptus trees, they’re beautiful, but they don’t stay up in the wind,” said Hamdors.

“I’m sorry for these people who happened to park there yesterday,” Hamdors said.

In Mission Valley, the swollen San Diego River blocked one of the roads leading to Fashion Valley Mall.

Flooding usually happens after the rain in Mission Valley, but it was a shock for Leevan Jordan, who moved to San Diego recently.

“It’s just crazy! It’s like an ocean right here in the middle of the street,” said Jordan.

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The flooding there raised another concern: trash flowing into the ocean.

In Mission Beach, murky water and trash on the sand indicated that the storm runoff had reached the sea.

“Trash, lots of trash. A lot of dirt from the rain. A lot of people don’t pick up their trash and all that goes into the drains and every drain leads to the ocean,” said Jake Parsons, a Mission Beach resident.

Parson loves to surf, but he and his friends stayed out of the water Sunday just to be safe. Like other locals, they’re enjoying the calm in between storms.

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