San Diego

Grocery Stores Packed As Shoppers Grab Thanksgiving Ingredients

Last minute shoppers can expect jam-packed grocery stores. 

The day before Thanksgiving, grocery stores saw long lines.

“It’s just that time of the year, and they have to be patient," said shopper Marilyn Biggica. "If they didn’t want to run into this, they should have shopped yesterday."

Grocery stores like Sprouts, in Hillcrest, say this is an "all hands are on deck" situation. 

On average, 100 staff members are on duty making sure everything is in order and to ensure that customers can find everything they need.

Preparing a big meal can be stressful, but one shopper who spoke to NBC 7 said Thanksgiving is all about tradition.

“Me and my kids, we cook together. It is a family tradition,” said Jamaal Bryan.

The crowds are expected to get worse on Thanksgiving Day as many make a run for some last minute items. 

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