Stop Work Order Issued for Controversial New Development in Point Loma

Proposition D sets a 30-foot height limit on coastal communities

A stop work order has been issued for the construction of a controversial new development in Point Loma. 

The two duplexes in question were under construction in Point Loma's Roseville neighborhood. 

Residents said a loophole was used to make this building about 10 feet taller than code allows, and called on the mayor to stop the project. Proposition D sets a 30-foot height limit on coastal communities, and residents say developers were trying to bypass the limit. 

The developer building the duplexes said they are following all the rules and the project has been approved by the city. 

NBC 7 reached out to the construction company Pacific Enterprise, but the person who answered asked who we were, and then said we had the wrong number before hanging up.

In a statement, a spokesman for Councilmember Lorie Zapf said she, Mayor Kevin Faulconer and the District Attorney met with organizers Wednesday to discuss solutions going forward. 

"Mayor Faulconer and Councilmember Lorie Zapf strongly support the coastal height limit and protecting coastal views," a statement from Zapf's office read. "Further review of the Municipal Code has determined that this project does not conform to the City’s development regulations. Yesterday the City issued a stop work order on the project to ensure it follows all codes and regulations."

A spokesman says they are considering long and short term solutions to ensure the 30-foot limit, and other municipal codes, are being enforced. That includes looking at possible new legislation. 

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