Still Waiting: Padres Bide Time at Baseball Winter Meetings

Friars doing lots of talking so far in Las Vegas

Just like they did on Monday the Padres had a boatload of conversations with a truckload of teams (and reporters) on Tuesday at the Baseball Winter Meetings.

So far nothing has materialized.

The Friars are actively talking to multiple teams about multiple trade opportunities (including the Marlins for All-Star catcher J.T. Realmuto) as they try to make something line up.

"It's been a lot of texting. A lot of back-and-forth," said Padres General Manager A.J. Preller on Tuesday. "We've probably had conversations in the last 24 hours with 15 other clubs or so."

One would believe those conversations are about starting pitchers, guys who play the left side of the infield, and of course the healthy stable of prospects the Padres have assembled that pretty much every other team in baseball wants a part of.

“There are some things in front of us that we might be able to do and that’s what the next couple of days are for,” said Preller. “It’s really hard to line up in certain trade discussions.”

"Some of these deals are four, five months in the making and some of them come together in a matter of hours," said Preller. "There are two more months in the off-season before Spring Training starts. I don't think we're going to do anything here just to make some noise and make a splash at the Winter Meetings.”

So while the Padres have several potential deals working it’s not guaranteed that any of them get done now or ever. Preller is not in a frame of mind to do what past Padres teams have done and sell off the future for a shot at the present. Any moves made will be for players with multiple years of team control left.

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