San Diego

Steam Release From Ship Prompts 3-Alarm Response in Barrio Logan

What was believed to be a fire aboard a 750-foot ship docked at the 10th Avenue Marine Terminal in Barrio Logan prompted a huge response from firefighters Friday. 

A large cloud emanating from the Ocean Glory cargo ship prompted a three-alarm response from San Diego Fire-Rescue and crews from Harbor Police at about 7 a.m. 

A haze could be seen above the shipyard and Barrio Logan, possibly a mix of the steam and a morning marine layer. 

Crews searched the ship for the origin of the fire and it was determined to be a release of high-pressure steam. The second- and third-alarm units were called off before 7:45 a.m. 

There were no injuries reported. It was not clear what caused the high-pressure steam to be released. 

No other information was available.

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