San Diego

Start-Up Making Moves in Rancho Bernardo

Start-ups are popping up all over the city, choosing to call San Diego home.

One in Rancho Bernardo came up with a unique idea and is making big moves in the health field.

Levitate Technologies has been around since 2013, and its idea is gaining a lot of traction for industries like the medical field, construction and industrial.

It’s basically a framework; a machine a person wears on their upper body to enhance the performance of the worker.

Different sizes are offered so it can fit any body shape.

Mark Doyle, CEO and president of Levitate Technologies, came up with the idea after listening to surgeons and their struggles with arm, neck, shoulder and back pain.

“It counter-balances the weight of your arms to take the load of your arms and the tool you’re holding off of your shoulders and upper back and lower back -- and distributes it down your torso to your hips,” Doyle told NBC 7.

Doyle hopes to expand the product more into the medical field as well, including with surgeons who work on their feet for hours at a time.

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