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Star of India Scheduled for Once in a Decade Haul Out

The Star of India will be hauled out on Feb. 11 for approximately 10 days

Star of India
Monica Garske

The famous Star of India will be dry docked for restoration for at least 10 days starting Tuesday, the Maritime Museum said.

The Maritime Museum of San Diego received an award of $200,000 from the National Park Service’s Maritime Heritage Program in support of the restoration project. However, this must be matched by community funds in order to receive the whole of that sum.

“Star of India, a ship that is arguably the oldest active sailing ship in the world, is a symbol of our city and region," said Raymond Ashley, Ph.D., K.C.I., President/CEO of the Maritime Museum of San Diego. "In a given year, as many as two million people view her at her bayside location in downtown San Diego and thousands of school-age children participate in overnight Living History programs."

The museum said that restoring the 100-year-old ship begun in 1958 and has continued since.

"Restoration, preservation and general maintenance are inherent to the Maritime Museum’s mission to serve as the community memory of our maritime past,” said Kelli Lewis, Maritime Museum of San Diego Director of Development.

The last time it was dry docked was in 2009.

The Star of India is said to be the world's oldest active ship.

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