Standoff Suspect a Gang Member, Has Lengthy Criminal Record: Docs

For five hours, Titus Colbert Jr. was holed up in a Bankers Hill apartment building surrounded by police, forcing flights to be diverted from Lindbergh Field

The suspect in a five-hour standoff in Bankers Hill, Titus Nathan Colbert Jr., is a documented gang member with a serious criminal record dating back to his teenage years, court documents reveal.

Colbert surrendered to police at about 2:30 p.m., ending an ordeal that terrified residents and grounded flights at San Diego International Airport.

An NBC7 source in the legal community says he is the brother of convicted killer Tecumseh Colbert, a man currently on death row for two murders in 2004. 

In July 2007, a jury found Tecumseh Colbert guilty of first-degree murder in the November 2004 killing of investment banker Anthony McCamey outside his Bay Terraces apartment. Two weeks later, Colbert shot to death liquor store clerk Richard Hammes. Colbert was sentenced to death.

The 33-year-old most recently pleaded guilty to selling illegal narcotics in 2012. He served a year in custody.

Colbert was charged with five felonies in the 2012 narcotics case, including transporting controlled substances and selling the party drug “Ecstasy." It was a potential “three strike” case because Colbert had prior convictions for dissuading a witness and aggravated assault.

Court records reviewed by NBC 7 Investigates also reveal that Colbert was caught with a weapon while he was in prison for a prior offense.

His criminal history includes arrests in San Diego, San Bernardino and Arizona.

In the 2012 drug case, the prosecutor said Colbert sold 20 pills of “Ecstasy” to an undercover officer for $160.

The drug deal happened outside the Black Angus restaurant on Friars Road, near Qualcomm Stadium.

Colbert was also implicated in another drug deal, a week later, at the In-N-Out drive-thru in Mission Valley.

That case carried a gang enhancement charge against Colbert, and a detective testified that Colbert was a documented member of a Skyline neighborhood gang.

According to court records in Maricopa County, Arizona, the suspect was arrested twice there. On June 6, 2009, Colbert was taken into custody on suspicion of shoplifting and aggravated assault, though he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.

After another arrest on Aug. 6, 2009, he again pleaded guilty to a lesser charge after he was accused of violating marijuana and drug paraphernalia laws, court records show. 

In both Arizona cases, Colbert was sentenced to probation. In May 2012, Arizona officials accused him of violating that probation, and a judge issued a bench warrant for the suspect's arrest the next year. 

By then, Colbert had returned to San Diego, where he was arrested in the 2012 drug case.

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