Staged Car Accident Highlights DUI Dangers

Students at Sweetwater High School were taught a lesson about driving under the influence on Wednesday during a staged car crash.

Students at Sweetwater High School were initially unaware of the event, and were led outside to witness the staged incident.

A program called “Every 15 Minutes” simulated a collision outside the school in National City. The scene portrayed a student driver behind the wheel after drinking, which results in the fake death of a teacher.

“The idea behind ‘Every 15 Minutes’ is that every 15 minutes somebody dies of an alcohol-related accident,” said National City police Sgt. Alex Hernandez.

Firefighters and law enforcement officials also participated in the event to show students what happens following a serious car accident.

Hernandez said the program’s goal is to educate teens about the potentially deadly effects of drinking alcohol and driving, especially before the summer months when teenagers are out driving more often.

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