Stabbing Victim Flagged Down Police

A man was stabbed in the back Monday, near the intersection of Salk Institute and Torrey Pines Roads. Now UCSD campus police are working with San Diego police to figure out what happened.

 Officers were answering to a call about a fight and at least one car vandalized with a baseball bat. Someone had broken into another car that was unlocked.

Shortly after San Diego police officers arrived, UCSD police officers notified them that they had a stabbing victim. The person had flagged down a UCSD officer on Torrey Pines road asking for help.

Some people partying on the beach told officers they might have seen some men throwing gang signs at each other.

"I saw no one in the street with the exception of maybe a couple of college students and the car behind me was smashed out," said SDPD Sgt. Dwayne Voss.

"People in the area think this may be more than a street fight. The two groups who were apparently involved in this altercation were down on the beach earlier,"said Voss.

The stabbing victim was taken to Scripps, with non-life threatening injuries.

Officers believe the stabbing is gang-related.

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