Sports Wrap OT Debuts on NBC 7

New half hour sports show starts Sunday night

Despite what people may tell you, San Diego is a great sports town. To make sure we cover it properly NBC 7 is expanding its sports presence with a brand new half-hour sports program.

"Sports Wrap OT" will debut on Sunday, January 12, at midnight, right after the long-running "Sports Wrap."

NBC 7's Darnay Tripp and Derek Togerson will co-host the program that dives deeper into the San Diego sports scene than any local show has before.

"Sports Wrap OT" features conversations with the biggest figures and features the best stories from the week. Darnay will talk to a local sports icon for an in-depth dive into what's important and interesting. Derek will host a new debate-style game show called "The Ball's in Your Court."

That's where two local experts debate the hottest topics in San Diego sports in a way that hasn't been seen yet. "Sports Wrap OT" will be fast-paced, high energy, informative and entertaining (which it has to be for a show that starts at midnight).

We have it all rehearsed and ready to go so please join us on Sundays at the stroke of midnight for "Sports Wrap OT." Or, you know, record it and watch it at your leisure.

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