“Spock Block” to Live and Prosper in Encinitas


For one week, expect to see many V-shaped salutes and hear murmurs of “Live Long and Prosper” in Encinitas as residents rechristen the Civic Center area the “Spock Block” in honor of the late Leonard Nimoy.

The Encinitas City Council unanimously gave the green light Wednesday to the celebration of Nimoy and his most famous character: the pointy-eared Spock from Star Trek.

So from March 26 (Nimoy’s birthday) to April 1, the area between Vulcan Avenue and Cornish Drive and between D and E streets will temporarily be called Spock Block.

Organizers hope Trekkies and casual fans alike will come to the area that week to celebrate the life of Nimoy, who died on Feb. 27 at the age of 83.

Vulcan Avenue, one of the oldest streets in the beachside community, shares a name with Spock, who is half human, half Vulcan in Star Trek mythology.

“Creativity and having fun would be the main objective, something that would have appealed to the human side of Mr. Spock,” reads the council item.

Mayor Gaspar will make the Spock Block proclamation at a public ceremony on March 26.

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