Spilled Paint Slows SR-94 at SR-15

The junction between two main highways east of downtown San Diego was closed for several hours Tuesday because of a paint spill, officials said.

The California Highway Patrol issued a SigAlert just before 7:30 a.m. for southbound Interstate 15 to westbound State Route 94 due to the spill. At 8:45 a.m., CHP officers said one lane of westbound SR-94 would remain closed until further notice.

Meanwhile, officials also closed down the ramp from southbound I-15 to westbound SR-94 so crews could begin clean-up efforts.

CHP officials said they received reports of a pedestrian on westbound SR-94 around 7:30 a.m. This caused sudden slowing on the freeway, and as a result, several buckets of white roof coating paint that weren’t properly secured fell from a truck, officials said.

The spilled material was very thick and white – the same color as lane markings on the roadway. Officials worried the paint would be confusing to motorists trying to change lanes.

Crews were able to clean up the coating quickly. CHP officials said the materials did not enter the storm drain, so it posed no threat to animals.

No one was injured in the spill, but officials did say there was one minor fender-bender as two vehicles collided near the site of the spill, possibly as a result of rubber-necking.

The lane closures caused heavy traffic to back up all the way into downtown San Diego from westbound SR-94.

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