Speed Kills: What You Can Do About It

If you're frustrated by speeding cars in your neighborhood and near your child's school, there's something you can do about it.

Concerned parents can contact the San Diego Police Department's Traffic division directly at (858) 495-7800. You can ask for a 'citizens request form', which will allow you to give a description of the problem.

"If the school has an officer assigned to it, parents can also contact that officer to request the same enforcement," said Mark McCullough of the San Diego Police Department.  He also advised concerned parents to be patient. "With all the schools in San Diego and the shortage of officers, parents may not see enforcement right away, and may not get the enforcement they feel their school deserves. We are limited."

You can also track the number of citations being issued in your neighborhood by going to the county's crime mapping application for public safety at www.arjis.org  Click on 'Go to Mapping' and then follow the individual icons to the left of the screen.

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