Special ID Needed for Sex Offenders: Amber's Dad

The father of murdered Escondido teenager Amber Dubois wants all convicted sex offenders to carry special identification.

Moe Dubois wants the state to require all sex offenders carry a distinctive driver's license or state-issued card that would be branded with a special mark indicating that person had been convicted of a sex crime.

Dubois says the law will help police protect children from people like his daughter's killer, John Gardner, by quickly identifying sexual predators.

If an officer is immediately alerted that someone is a sex offender, he/she might be able to better assess the circumstances of a situation with the identification, according to Dubois.

Dubois says he knows the legislation could meet resistance at the state capitol by those who may argue more restrictions won’t make communities safer or those who say the law would infringe on the civil liberties of sex offenders. Others could be concerned about the potential cost.

The driver's license measure is part of a four-bill package aimed at cracking down on sex offenders -- and Moe Dubois says he's ready to fight to try and push them through.

Dubois is scheduled to introduce his legislation proposals in Long Beach at noon.

California wouldn't be the first state to impose a law branding ID cards.

In Delaware sex offenders get a new driver's license after release from prison marked with the letter "Y" designating them as someone convicted of a sex crime.

In Louisiana people convicted of certain sex crimes are issued licenses with "SEX OFFENDER" printed in bold on the ID.

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