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Residents from L.A. to Phoenix Report Bright Light Flying Across The Sky

Was it an alien mothership? Was it a SpaceX rocket?

Residents from all over the Southwestern United States were in awe of a bright light gliding across the sky on Tuesday.

Videos and photos sent in from Los Angeles to Phoenix show a pointed light moving through the night, emitting two glowing rays behind it. 

The object could be the SpaceX rocket that launched out of Cape Canaveral, Florida, on Tuesday afternoon, or it could be something else.

A woman in Ramona, California, shot this video of the bright light zooming across the night sky.

“What was crazy was I watched it over time, it came down really really fast and it dispersed," Ramona, California, resident Bonnie Updike said. “Two prongs coming out of it a big pile of smoke, a five-minute thing.”

Twitter user Eric Peterson snapped the picture above, and said that he saw the orb of light moving to the east.

Peterson wasn't sure if it was the SpaceX rocket or a UFO, but SpaceX Director of Human Certification, Abhi Tripathi, confirmed via Twitter that it was the former.

Tripathi said SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Rocket performed an "injection burn" to correct its trajectory toward planet Mars, which produced the bright trail of light.


It looks like we'll all have to wait a little longer to see an alien appearance after all.

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