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Southern California Thanksgiving Travel Will Be at 13 Year High, AAA Says

4.2 million southern California residents will travel 50 miles or more

Thanksgiving is a time for family, which for some means a lot of time will be spent getting to them. 

There will be more Thanksgiving travelers on the road this year than in the last 13 years, AAA reports. 

"4.2 million southern California residents will be taking a trip of more than 50 miles from home Wednesday to Sunday of this week," said Doug Shupe, a spokesperson for AAA. 

That's the most travelers in this area since 2005.

About 5 million travelers will be taking to the skies. San Diego International Airport (SAN) expects 65 thousand travelers a day between arrivals and departures. 

The busiest airport day is expected to be Wednesday followed by Sunday when most travelers will be returning home, according to SAN officials. 

AAA attributes it to the booming economy, which is making more people feel like they have expendable income for things like gas and vacation. 

"The increase is going to be about 5.1 percent more travel volume this year compared to last year," added Shupe. 

Despite higher gas prices, more people will be driving. There will also be many taking planes, trains and other means of transportation. 

Shupe stresses it is important to inspect your car ahead of time so that you don't end up on the side of the road. 

"Check the tire tread and inflation to prevent blow outs," said Shupe. "Check the battery, and do the oil change as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer." 

What are your holiday travel plans? 

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