Distraught Man on I-5 Bridge Shuts Down Traffic for 21 Hours

Photos of the 21-hour-long ordeal that forced officials to shut down traffic on southbound I-5 at the I-8 connector, when a distraught man sat on the guard rail of a bridge, refusing to budge.

6 photos
Artie Ojeda
Officers surrounded the southbound I-5 bridge at the I-8 connector during negotiations with the distraught man. A large inflatable mat was placed below the bridge, in case he jumped.
Liberty Zabala
The man refused to budge. The freeway was shut down.
NBC 7 San Diego
Parts of I-5, near SeaWorld Drive, remained closed Friday morning.
NBC 7 San Diego
Another view of the scene, looking up toward the bridge from the freeway below.
Artie Ojeda
The man jumped at around 11:30 a.m. Friday. He was then placed on a stretcher, evaluated by medics and arrested.
NBC 7 San Diego
The man suffered minor injuries and was taken to a local hospital.
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