South County Economic Plan Unveiled

Officials hope a new economic plan will create a business boom in San Diego’s South County.

The South County Economic Development Council (EDC) revealed the five-year plan on Tuesday.

The plan focuses on growing six industries over the next five years: Aerospace, Maritime-Related Industry, Tourism, Advanced Manufacturing, Health Care and Food Processing Distribution.

They also want to create synergy among projects already in the works, including Brown Field, the Cross-Border Terminal and the Chula Vista Bayfront, according to a news release from the EDC.

Simply put, it’s about creating jobs, says EDC President and CEO Cindy Gompper-Graves.

“With the economy just starting to turn around, we want to capture the opportunities to create more jobs so people who live in South County can also work in South County,” she said.

Now that the goals are in place, the EDC will meet with business owners and focus groups to decide how best to achieve them.

“We’re all going to have to roll up our sleeves to ensure we’re maximizing what can happen in South County,” Gompper-Graves said.

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