South Bay Students Head Back to School Amid Heat Wave

All of the schools have air conditioning

While most kids are heading to the beach or pool, students in the South Bay are already halfway through their first week of school.

Chula Vista Elementary School District, National School District and Sweetwater Union High School District all operate on year-round schedules and after six weeks of vacation, the kids are hitting the books again.

In Eastlake, where the temperature hovered around 90 degrees for most of the day, all of the schools have air conditioning. At Camerana Elementary in Eastlake, some students had PE inside and several kids said they stayed inside during recess or at least sat in the shade.

"PE, I went inside and I did Go Noodle, and Go Noodle is this thing where there's this character and it grows and you get noodles,” Rose, a third-grader at Camerana told NBC 7.

Rothko, a second-grader at the school, went outside for recess but decided it was too hot to run around and play.

“Lunch recess, I was playing volleyball and it got too hot,” he said. “I went to the shade and that’s when I took a nap.”

"Today was like really hot,” third-grader Juliem explained. “Yesterday my teacher said it was going to be like 108 degrees, so it's going to be very hot."

Since it's only the first week of school, many of the high school athletic teams won’t start practicing for another week.

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