South Bay Seniors Get a Boost, and Some Cheer, From Loved Ones

Senior parade in National City

Dozens of friends and family members turned out Wednesday in National City to boost the spirits of their elderly loved ones for a short while.

People began showing up shortly before 1 p.m. with noisemakers and signs, ready to greet residents at the Plaza Village Senior Living center on L Avenue. The idea was to get the seniors out on the balconies overlooking the street, where they were greeted by cheers, the occasional cowbell, hello's from loved ones as well as a National City squad car, fire trucks and a pair of paramedic ambulances with lights flashing and sirens blaring.

Pat Garrett, who was holding one of those cowbells and also a sign that said "Teresa," was there to finally see her mother.

"I think this is wonderful for their morale," Garrett told NBC 7. "I am so happy that, you know, Plaza Village put this all together, I guess in conjunction with the police department, fire."

Garrett said the last time she was able to get together with her mother was "right before the quarantine" and since then, although they talk all the time and she brings her mother magazines and food and other things, she hasn't been able to see her.

"I think it's a wonderful idea," Garrett said about the mid-week turnout. "It'll really give them a little boost."

A short time later, maybe 15 minutes, it was over. But, it seems likely, it gave Garrett and the other folks out on L Street a little boost, too.

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