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South Bay Little League Nasty Controversy Continues

A sports radio talk show guest has stirred up what is already a nasty dispute between two little leagues in the South Bay.

The controversy surrounds two high profile teams, one of which is still in contention for a slot at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Former Chargers player Burt Grossman appeared on the "Scott and BR Show" on the Mighty 1090 on Tuesday. He said the Eastlake Little League was out of line for hiring a private detective to determine where Park View Little League players live and what schools they attend. 

Thursday, he reiterated his comments to NBC7. 

"When parents get into a room together and decide to hire a grown man to follow around an 11-year-old, that's creepy," Grossman said. 

On Friday, Mighty 1090 contacted NBC 7 to say Grossman is not an employee or a reporter but rather a regular guest on the station. 

"These opinions are his own and don’t necessarily represent the views of the station," the statement continued.

NBC7 Investigates first reported on the controversy on July 18.

Since then, the controversy has continued, fueled by more media reporting on the baseball feud as well as the continuing winning streak of Park View Little League.

Eastlake Little League treasurer Shane Stroberg released this statement on behalf of the league in response to Grossman's comments

Given recent false reporting developments on Mighty 1090, I have changed my mind and will go on record with a comment

Eastlake Little League and the Board of Directors as a whole did not support, perform or pay for any information gathering regarding the Park View All Stars.

A group of parents in the league, who have remained anonymous, took it upon themselves and utilized their own resources to gather the information that was submitted by them.

Eastlake Little League did not submit the information to anyone, it was submitted anonymously by this group of parents.

The League and Board will not comment on the information gathered or Park View All Star players in any way other than wishing them and their coaches the best of luck!

Further, Eastlake Little League and its Board of Directors wishes all teams alive in the Western Region tournament the best of luck.

As in years past, since we made the trip in 2013, we will be sending budget approved financial support to the team that emerges victorious in the West to help with the very real cost of getting their parents out to Williamsport to share the once in a lifetime experience with their child.

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