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South Bay Boy's Stories Bringing People Together

Despite social distancing and distance learning, a young boy in Bonita has found a way to unite an entire community

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At a time when everyone is being told to stay apart, a six-year-old in Bonita is bringing people together.

And he's using good old-fashioned storytelling to do it.

Caleb Zacharzuk just finished the first grade at Allen Elementary School in Bonita -- from a distance, of course.

Caleb really enjoys writing, so his mom encouraged him to write some stories that he could share with other kids.

"We're trying to find different things to do during this whole pandemic and everything going on in the world right now,” said Elizabeth Zacharzuk.

Caleb got writing. His dog Jaxon served as his inspiration.

"This first one is about Jaxon becoming a fire dog," Caleb said pointing at his books. "And this one, is Jaxon Saves a Cat."

Elizabeth set up a Facebook page to let people know about Caleb's Stories, and the community responded.

“We had a group that offered to print out extra copies,” Elizabeth said.

Someone else offered to make Caleb a yard sign to help advertise his free books, and dozens showed up to get copies.

"The outreach from our little community here in Bonita has been great,” said Caleb's dad Peter.

Caleb said sharing his stories makes him feel "happy because it makes them happy."

He plans to release a new book each week.

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