Crews Fear Water Main Break Could Cause Street Collapse

The main break cause water to flood the intersection of Carroll Canyon and Pacific Heights roads Saturday morning

A water main break in Sorrento Valley Saturday morning caused major problems on the road and had water officials worried the damage might lead to the street collapsing.

Officials said water had been flowing from the break at Carroll Canyon and Pacific Heights roads since 5:30 a.m. Initially, the break was small but the situation escalated throughout the morning with the broken water main lifting the pavement in the area.

Water crews feared the break could collapse portions of the impacted streets, so traffic was diverted in the area as crews worked to shut off the water and begin repairs.

Water department spokesperson Arian Collin said a special hydraulics crew was called to the site to help shut off the water because the break is near pressure regulators.

Collins said the biggest issue is that if the pressure regulators have to be shut down many customers will be out of water. The crews are trying to prevent that from happening.

By 10:15 a.m., crews had finally shut off the water.

The cause of the main break is under investigation, but officials said the pipe is very old and made out of asbestos cement.

Crews hope to have the pipe repaired by 3 p.m. However, roadwork in the area is expected to last at least until midnight. The intersection will remain closed and drivers will be detoured onto Nancy Ridge Road, which runs parallel to Carroll Canyon Road.

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