Inspirational Quotes on Carlsbad Fence Lift Spirits More Than Ever

At the intersection of Levante Street and Anillo Way, passersby will find uplifting quotes written on a board, hung on a fence, meant to make people smile

Angelos Papazis

We all need a word of encouragement sometimes and in a quiet neighborhood in Carlsbad, a sign filled with inspirational quotes speaks loudly to locals – especially in these difficult, uncertain times.

At the 1900 block of Levante Street and Anillo Way there is a brown wooden fence that surrounds a home and faces the street. On that fence hangs a wooden sign that reads: “Leave Your Quotes Below.” The sign has a tiny arrow pointing to a plastic bag that also hangs on the fence. Near that hangs a metal board where inspirational quotes are handwritten.

People are encouraged to drop pieces of paper with quotes on them into the plastic bag. Then, the owner of the fence takes those quotes and writes them on the metal board for all to enjoy. The sayings on the metal board are changed often.

“I mean, this is something special,” Carlsbad resident John Turley, who lives near the sign, told NBC 7 Tuesday. “It really is, it hits home – it really does. It’s a neighborhood thing, is what it is.”

Turley is neighbors with the woman who maintains the board of uplifting quotes. He said she’s been doing it for years and the words always bring him peace. It reminds him to just keep his eyes open for the good things in life.

“She's got wonderful quotes here every morning,” Turley explained. “It's real nice and inspirational for the community.”

Turley said he’s left some quotes in the bag himself. One of his favorites was “life is not a sprint.” He likes how the board brings his neighborhood together.

“I know I’ve left a couple and I know the neighbors on the block have done the same,” Turley added.

Angelos Papazis
Neighbors said the inspirational quotes hanging on a street in Carlsbad are changed often and now, more than ever, are appreciated.

As San Diego County and the world battle the coronavirus pandemic, times are hard. Turley said the quotes are especially appreciated at this time.

“She really always seems to hit home, it’s very personal,” he said.

On Tuesday, the inspirational message board read: “Severe adversity opens our eyes to a need that is higher than our own strength.”

NBC 7 spoke with another local who was walking by and saw the message about adversity. She said it put a pep in her step.

“What we need to do is be hopeful, try to do what they say to do,” she told NBC 7. “And keep our faith.”

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