Some Small Businesses Struggle to Stay Open During Coronavirus Outbreak

One Encinitas gym stays open by limiting occupancy to 10 people

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Although many bigger gyms in San Diego County are already closed due to the Covid 19 pandemic, smaller ones remain open for now.

For example, small-business owner and working mom Julia Eaton is juggling more than normal these days. She has owned and operated 9Round Fitness in Encinitas since June 2018. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, she's concerned about her job, her livelihood and how she's going to pay her bills. She's also worried about how she will pay her trainers and how to keep her gym extra clean.

“We're wiping down the bags and all of the equipment between each member," Eaton said on Tuesday. "Spraying everything with Lysol at the beginning and the end of each day, stepping up our mopping during the week.”

Adding to Eaton's stress? Taking care of her young son, whose school was closed down due to concerns about the coronavirus.

“My son is 4 and a half, and he's been at work with me all day, which has been interesting,” Eaton said, laughing.  

Eaton is complying with government mandates, limiting the gym's occupancy to 10 people and keeping members at least 6 feet apart during their workouts. On an average day, 9Round Fitness could have as many as 50 people coming in to work out.  By Tuesday afternoon, however, only a handful of people had come in. Those who were utilizing this gym said they were grateful. 

“I'm a very physical person," said Elise Badone, who has two kids at home. "I need an outlet, especially in times like these where I am more stressed than normal.”

While Eaton is doing everything she can, she also realizes she may eventually have to close. Like everyone else, she's taking things one day at a time.

“That's all we can do, right? Stick together?” Eaton said.  

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