Some San Diego Churches Take Steps Before Reopening Inside After Supreme Court Ruling

Some San Diego churches are still holding services outside on the first Sunday after the Supreme Court's ruling

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On the first Sunday that places of worship can hold services indoors in California, following a Supreme Court ruling, NBC 7 found some San Diego churches weren’t rushing back inside.

Worshipers gathered outside the Rock Church for services in Point Loma even though the Supreme Court ruled this week that the mega church could hold services indoors with restrictions.

“I’m excited they’re going to be opening the church. I know it’s really important for a lot of people,” said Katie Freeman, but added she is in no rush as her young daughter enjoys being out in nature while the family worships.

Point Loma Rock Church Pastor Travis Gibson said the Christian church isn't in a rush either.

“We don’t want to just jump into it. We’re not even sure how many people that are coming outside will want to jump in the building, so we’re going to be diligent," he said.

Roshni Lindsay told NBC 7 she likes all the options the Rock Church has offered worshipers during the pandemic.

“It’s great -- the outdoors is amazing we’re blessed to be in San Diego," she said.

The church has also offered services streamed online. Pastor Gibson it all part of the church offering safe options during the pandemic.

Video online shows the South Bay Pentecostal Church held services indoors. The church had filed the lawsuit against the state that resulted in the Supreme Court 6-3 ruling to allow for service to return indoors.

At the Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Bonita, they are getting ready before opening their doors Monday, “We are making sure the church is sanitized,” said Pastor Efrain Bautista. “We’re very grateful that the court has allowed us to go back inside.”

Churches are restricted to 25% capacity to allow for social distancing, and people must wear masks. Pastor Gibson from the Rock Church tells NBC 7 they have space in Point Loma for 875 people at under those restrictions. The leadership will meet next week to strategize on how to gather indoors safely - but that they will continue to worship where ever people want to.

“Whether that’s indoors in the future, outside at a park throughout the county, or at home. They’re going to get God’s word and we’re still going to worship." said Gibson.

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