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Some Layoff Notices Could be Rescinded for SDUSD Teachers, Employess: Board

Layoff notices for teachers and staff in the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) could be rescinded sooner rather than later.

At a town hall meeting Wednesday night with parents and educators, board member Kevin Beiser said there were more than 1,000 teachers who signed up for the early retirement program.

That means those jobs can now be given to other teachers who have received pink slips.

Beiser said he hopes some pink slips can be rescinded as early as next week.

Another piece of news coming from the town hall meeting is that prep time for elementary school teachers has been "taken off the table."

That means physical education, music, art, science and technology teachers could get their jobs back.

It is still not known how many of these jobs could be restored.

But the President of the San Diego Education Association Lindsay Burningham, said it could be as many as 120 to 140.

On Tuesday night, the board decided to hold off on issuing 200 lay off notices, including to classroom teaching assistants, bus drivers and custodians. They agreed to take the discussion back to the negotiating table.

NBC 7’s Dave Summers reports on the meeting of the San Diego Union School District board of trustees on Tuesday, April 25.

More town hall meetings are scheduled for Thursday and next Monday night.

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