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Solana Beach Woman Receives Refund For Refrigerator After Contacting NBC 7 Responds

A Solana Beach woman called NBC 7 Responds after 11 repair appointments left her with no more options for her broken refrigerator.

This story has been updated to include a statement from Samsung.

“It’s a great hobby, it keeps me from shopping in stores,” Carol Williams said, showing NBC 7 Responds her golf clubs. 

Carol said she prefers to be focusing on her golf game but instead, for the past two years, her focus has been on her refrigerator. Carol bought the refrigerator from her local Home Depot store and now, she said she wishes she could have a mulligan. 

She said it started with her freezer. 

“One morning, I got up and everything was defrosted, all of the food,” Carol said. 

Carol was still within her one-year manufacturer warranty so she said she called Samsung. She said the repairmen were sent out six times before the faulty freezer was fixed. 

Then, this past December, Carol said she woke up to another problem. 

“It’s supposed to be 38°, I got up and it was 75° in there,” Carol said. 

Carol’s fridge wasn’t working again and her one-year warranty with Samsung had run out. She said she purchased an extended warranty through Home Depot so she gave the store a call. 

“They sent out a repair guy and he torched and took off the back part and got it unfrozen,” Carol said. 

Carol said each time the fridge was fixed, the repair wouldn’t last. Carol said she felt worn down until a friend offered some advice. 

“My girlfriend actually called me one night because she saw you guys on TV, another lady who had a Samsung issue, so she said ‘Why don’t you call them Carol?’” Carol said. 

Carol called NBC 7 Responds and sent all of the paperwork she had gathered over two years and 11 repair appointments. Since Carol still had a protection plan with Home Depot, NBC 7 Responds gave them a call and within a few days, Carol received good news. 

“Boom, in like three days it was a done deal,” Carol said. 

Home Depot agreed to give Carol a gift card for the entire amount she paid for the refrigerator, close to $1,400. 

In a statement, Matthew Harrigan, a spokesperson for Home Depot said, “We never want a customer to be dissatisfied, so we apologize to Ms. Williams for the inconvenience. We appreciate the opportunity to make it right.”

A spokesperson for Samsung sent NBC 7 Responds this statement, “We regret the experience that Ms. Williams’ had with her fridge. Her experience was rare among the many Samsung refrigerators sold in the U.S. We have followed up with her to apologize to her and ensure the matter has been resolved to her satisfaction. We aspire to have best-in-class service for all Samsung customers and in an effort to constantly improve our processes, we are carefully reviewing her experience. We encourage any customer with questions to contact us directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG so that we can help.”

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