Rancho Penasquitos Home Lights Up for Holidays With Social Media Twist

When it comes to holiday decorations in front of a house, there's nothing wrong with Santa on a sleigh or elves delivering presents, or reindeer. A tried-and-true holiday decoration always works.

However, there's something new this holiday season in Rancho Penasquitos.

"We're having a social media Christmas on Christmas Card Lane," said Victoria Bell.

Bell is spreading holiday cheer, socially. She's filled the front of her house with social media and Christmas themed decorations. The main attraction is Santa taking a selfie.

"I thought what a great idea to have Santa taking a selfie, hashtag Santa selfie," said Bell.

The social media influenced decorations include Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, emojis and more. There's even a selfie board if you want to pose and post.

Judging by the brake lights on the cars passing by, people seem to like this social twist on the holidays. Bell said the decorations on the street are very traditional and she wanted to do something current.

If you want to see this social media holiday house for yourself, it's located at 8913 Oviedo St. in Rancho Penasquitos.

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