Snow Joke! Get Ready for More White Stuff

More snow at Mt. Laguna

It is turning out to be a pretty good winter after all and thanks to two more big storms over the next few days, the snow will really be piling up on San Diego's mountains.

As it is, last weekend's storms dropped nearly a foot of fresh snow above 5500' and it really kept the owners of the Mt Laguna Lodge busy plowing their parking lot so visitors could pull in, spend some money and, in some cases, spend the night in one of the cabins there.  Even a week later, after days of "above-freezing" afternoon temperatures, much of the snow has refused to melt and has kept the feel of winter well in place.

Friday night's storm could drop up to 8" of new snow on Laguna and further north on Palomar Mt.   Sunday's storm should be even more prolific.  Up to a foot or more of new snow is expected by Monday evening and another intense storm is possible later in the week.

This is really welcome news for you skiers and snowboarders.  As much as two feet or more of new snow is expected up at Big Bear and Wrightwood over the next four days.

Of course, to put in all in perspective, since, after all, this is Southern California, these same storms are really dumping the snow up on the Sierra Nevada Mts of Central and Northern California.  For example, Mammoth Mt is expected to get a foot of snow from Friday's storm and maybe three feet more by Tuesday.  Add that to the 10 and a half feet of snow they've received just since the first of the year.  Their total for the entire season so far? -  24 and a half feet.  Hard to believe the state is still in a severe drought.  Maybe it won't be if Mother Nature continues her generosity.

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