San Diego Continues Legal Battle on Ownership in San Diego, a fact checking website, continued a legal battle in San Diego Superior Court this week. Those that work for the company say the lawsuit could potentially force Snopes to go out of business.

The issue at hand is over ownership. Snopes’ parent company, Bardav, versus San Diego-based company, Proper Media – a contractor turned alleged co-owner of Snopes.

Proper Media claims they equally own Snopes with Bardav –and that David Mikkelson, the CEO of Snopes, is unfit and should be removed.

Mikkelson filed a counter suit against Proper Media, claiming the company has not paid advertising revenue from for months.

Bardav had two victories in court Thursday. A judge ruled that Proper Media must hand that adertising revenue over and that Mikkelson can stay on as CEO. The judge adding there is no evidence Mikkelson is unfit.

NBC 7 reached out to the attorneys representing both sides of the case Friday but so far we have not heard back. 

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