Smoke Grabs Attention Across the County

Users spotted the fire near Camp Pendlton Thursday and sent in their images to

11 photos
Natalie sent this image to us with message “Yikes!”
Adrian Robinson of Red Mountain, Valley Center sent us this image of smoke waving accross the hills from Camp Pendleton to Mt Palomar. The smoke looks like waves on the ocean.
Kimberly Bachman
User Kimberly Bachman sent in this image of fire near Camp Pendleton.
One of our users named Jenifer sent in this picture saying she "just wanted to share."
Tony Delgado
This image was taken from Tukmal Drive in Wanis Estates, Oceanside.
Here's a picture from the intersection of Calle Marbella and Old Grove in Rancho Del Oro in Oceanside.
7/11 user Angie took this "from my backyard right by San Luis Rey gate. Wilmont Ranch Subdivision, Oceanside."
Irma Conklin
Irma Conklin sent in this image: "Pics of fire from our backyard, 1/4 mile west of the back gate off of Douglas Drive and Vandergrift Blvd. Look closely and you can see a herd of horses running down the hill in front of a plume of dust."
Jon Rutherford
From Ed Thacher: "Here are a couple of shots from our deck in Valley Center of the Pendleton Fire at about 6:20."
Getty Images
Another image sent from an user of the fire near Camp Pendleton.
This was taken at 5:40 pm wed. Oct. 8 near the 76 & College in Oceanside. Sent in from Kourtney Boone from Vista
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