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Small But ‘Dangerous’ Hash Oil Lab Uncovered in Point Loma

This marks the fifth such hash oil lab taken down by Drug Enforcement Administration officials in San Diego in May 2019

A small but “still dangerous” hash oil lab was uncovered by officials in San Diego’s Point Loma neighborhood late Friday afternoon, marking the fifth such bust in the city in about two weeks.

Kameron Korte, a spokesperson with the Drug Enforcement Administration, confirmed Saturday that the agency’s Narcotic Task Force had executed a state search warrant at 4311 Loma Riviera Court Friday. During the search, agents discovered a small butane hash oil extraction operation, marijuana plants, butane canisters and finished hash oil.

One man was arrested in connection with the lab.

Korte noted that while this hash oil lab was considered small by investigators, it was still a dangerous operation.

“Butane hash oil extraction operations are extremely dangerous because butane is highly flammable and explosive,” Korte added.

The DEA has taken down 19 hash oil labs in San Diego County thus far this year. This Point Loma lab is the fifth to be uncovered this month alone.

Yesterday, a violent fire burned through a warehouse. The cause: an illegal drug lab. With hash oil labs on the rise, fire crews are at greater risk. NBC 7's Llarisa Abreu has more.

One day prior, a fire erupted at a warehouse in El Cajon where officials later found an illegal hash oil lab. That fire caused about $100,000 worth of damage to the building and everything that was inside.

Hash Oil Lab Uncovered on Property in Warner Springs

Also on Thursday, DEA agents arrested four people in Warner Springs, on Chihuahua Valley Road, after they discovered three trailers at a property that housed a sophisticated lab.

NBC 7's Erika Cervantes reports from outside of the home where DEA agents found fentanyl and a hash oil lab.

On May 8, the NTF raided a home on 2nd Avenue in Chula Vista, where they found a butane hash oil lab and fentanyl.

Three people were hurt after a home caught fire in a hash oil explosion. NBC 7’s Rory Devine is outside the now-boarded house in Mira Mesa with more.

On May 5, an explosion destroyed a home on Sunny Meadow Street in Mira Mesa, stemming from a hash oil lab that had been set up in the garage. In that case, investigators found enough lab equipment and resources to produce an estimated $72,000 worth of hash oil. Three people were hurt in the explosion.

For a timeline of hash oil labs recently uncovered in San Diego County, click here or see below.

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